home additions up or out in Wollongong and Sutherland shire" 40 years of experience.

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home additions up or out in Wollongong and Sutherland shire" 40 years of experience.

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Why Should You Build A Custom Home Over Modular Or Prefabricated Home?

Custom homes are associated with lots of benefits as compared to modular or prefabricated homes. It is a kind of home which is designed by a professional architect. While availing of the services of an architect, you can explain your desires and keep the design ready as you want. A custom home is also designed for a particular location only. For building a custom home in Wollongong, you have to hire the best builders. The professional builders can follow the architect’s design properly and deliver the best results. 

Major Reasons 

Some people are getting confused between modular and custom homes. Both types of homes are having their own advantages and disadvantages. Here, you will get some major reasons that can help you in understanding what makes a custom home better than a modular one. 


While building your own home, you have to spend a big amount of money. If you are building a custom home, then you can easily track the complete process and predict lots of things. In the case of a prefabricated home, some surprises may appear by the last minute. It may lead to some unwanted expenses by which you may face issues with the budget. 


Choosing the modular or prefabricated home option will finish your flexibility completely. You are not able to make changes or request for adding some new things. However, in the case of custom homes, all these things are available for you with full flexibility. You can build it as your requirements and desires. If you are interested in adding some new features and one more room or anything else, then it can be possible. All you have to do is contact an expert who can make adjustments. 


For a home, the land is a priority. Without land, you cannot plan for a home. People who choose the option of modular or prefabricated homes may face land-related issues. Here, you will get home but you may face problems when it comes to finding land to place your modular home. All land options are not permitting to proceed with a modular home. You have to find a specific place where modular homes are allowed. 

People who choose custom home options already have a piece of land to build it. Already having land will eliminate lots of issues and makes the process of building a home easier. 

Financial Services 

Many people are facing harsh financial conditions. To eliminate such conditions, they are trying to avail of financial services like a mortgage loan. For approving the application of a mortgage loan, all financial institutions are paying attention to various factors like – property value, recovery risk, and so on. 

If you have a custom home in Wollongong, then you can easily get approval for a mortgage loan and get financial help. Modular or prefabricated homeowners will not get a similar response. The loan providers are not interested in lending their money for a property with regular decreasing value factors or that can be moved anywhere easily. 

Property Value 

An individual invests funds in the property by seeing some potential benefits. Spending money on building a custom home can help you in availing of several financial benefits. The value of a custom home will increase day by day and it happens due to its own land and some other aspects. Investing in modular or prefabricated homes will not help you in gaining such benefits. 

The value of a modular home will decrease day by day. The major reason behind it is unoriginal floor plans, use of cheap quality material, and many other reasons. If you are going to sell such a home in the future, then you face loss for sure. 


While building a home, everyone thinks about availing of its services for a long time period without facing a single problem. According to the experts, by focusing on proper property maintenance, then a custom home can service for a long time as compared to the modular homes. In the case of modular homes, you can start experiencing wears and tears after a short time. 


Durability and services of home are highly based on the quality of material that is used in building it. While building a custom home in Wollongong, you can get that the material quality is superior. Another thing is, you have to buy the material for building the home. 

The modular homes are constructed by the contractors and you don’t have any connection with such a process. Due to it, you cannot be sure about the material quality. Mostly, modular or prefabricated homes are based on cheap quality materials for reducing the cost and offering at lower prices. 

These are some key reasons. The final decision completely depends on your requirements and choices. You have to take care of several elements while making a final decision regarding home type selection. Choosing a custom home option will help you in having an asset and fulfill your home-related desires for spending a quality life. 

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