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home additions up or out in Wollongong and Sutherland shire" 40 years of experience.

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The Benefits of House Extension in Shellharbour

Everybody wants to create a house that is perfect for relaxation and includes a wealth of excellent benefits. Sometimes people have enough land to accommodate and extend their house. Thus, a house extension is an ideal choice for enhancing the living space. House extensions in Shellharbour are cost-effective and add value to your property. For many people, house extensions are an affordable option.

Moving or selling your home is a time-consuming process. If you live in an area where you have many good neighbours and friends, then house extension is a good option. House extension allows you to add space according to your needs and requirements. This provides you with the real opportunity to create or make the home of your dreams. It helps you avoid the housing market’s additional fees, taxes, and other stressful activities.

Whether you want a rear extension, side extension, or two-storey side extension, we will design the perfect space and extension for you. After the extension, you can get the maximum benefits of your newly constructed house.

Some Essential Benefits of House Extension in Shellharbour:

A house extension not only adds extra space but also improves the functionality and design of the house. Whether you want a conservatory, orangery, or garden room, thus, all types of house extensions will ultimately refresh and enhance your property. There are many reasons that people want to extend their homes. For instance, they need more space, some additional family members are coming to live, and they don’t want to move from their current home, etc. 

Below, we can explore some of the essential benefits of a house extension in Shellharbour that helps you to make a more informed choice. 

  1. Stay in an area you like:

One of the top benefits of house extension is that people can stay in an area they know and like the most. When you relocate or move to a new area, you don’t know what kind of area and place you are going to end up. However, you also don’t know the neighbours and also don’t have any friends there. Even if you research a lot, you still don’t know anything until you arrive. As a result of all of this, house extension can be the better option. You know the kind of atmosphere or routine you live in, so it makes it easy for you to expand your living space.

  1. Less stress without the hassle of moving:

Moving to a new house comes with a lot of additional work and stress. You have to organize a lot of things and the waiting period is difficult. Moreover, you have to pay the solicitor who will do the paperwork for you, as well as paying for the stamp duty. Apart from that, you have to survey your new home or can also hire someone who will do the survey and check the house condition. Thus, all of this ends up in a lot of costs. 

Before selling your existing home, you need to check that it should not be damaged and might end up paying additional repair costs. Aside from the cost, the stress is of the sale process. If you are moving from one home to another, you have to take all your possessions from one home to another. It requires hiring and using a moving van plus the manpower to lift all the heavy items. On the contrary, in house extension, there will be less stress and more comfort.

  1. House extensions add value to your property:

You have to make sure that the house extensions make economic sense. The value added by the house extension must be greater than the overall cost of the project. It can add a significant and important amount of value to your property. The value can be for your family in the form of an additional room, a downstairs toilet for the guest, and making the kitchen space larger, etc. But this thing is quite difficult to assess, so you can check your nearby local properties. You must know the value of the ceilings and should adjust your construction plan accordingly.

  1. For house extension, choose the right designers:   

When it comes to the designing of your new house extension, then one should choose the best designers. There are many options available in Shellharbour and other areas where you can choose the designer of your choice. The options include specialist designers, architects, architectural technicians, package build companies, or in-house design teams, etc. You can also look online for practices or take recommendations from family, friends, and neighbours, etc. 

  1. House extension can save time and money:

Extending your house can be cheaper than buying a new one or a bigger house. You can save a lot of time, money, and any additional cost. The money is saved as you don’t have to pay the moving cost as well as the stamp duty. From the saved money, you can buy new furniture that you can add to your new house extension. Apart from that, you can then invest in upgrading the interior of your house extension in Shellharbour.

  1. Additional living space:

The most common and well-known reason for moving to a new house is lack of space. As your family grows, your needs change. You have started your work from home, hence, you require additional space. Sometimes you want a kid’s playroom, or you want to have a large, luxurious kitchen. Therefore, whatever is the case, you can easily do alterations and additions in your existing home. There are so many options available as one can change the floor plan so that you can create large-scale or open-plan spaces for adjusting all family members. Thus, the possibilities are endless, as most houses can be extended.

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