home additions up or out in Wollongong and Sutherland shire" 40 years of experience.

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home additions up or out in Wollongong and Sutherland shire" 40 years of experience.

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List of Things Consider To Build the Granny Flats

The addition of the granny flat is a smart way to enhance the value and comfort of the property. It also boosts the amount of livable space in the home. It can be the granny flat to accommodate the older family members or guest house for the friend or the family members, a separate retreat, the perfect home office studio, or an additional source of income for the rental property.

It is all about the things you are considering to build and having comfortable things in it. Are you now looking to have the granny flats in Wollongong? Yes! Wollongong is such a place where more people like to have such comfort. So, if you are looking for such homes, here are things that you have to keep in mind.

Get approval for the granny flats in Wollongong

People often mistakenly believe that constructing the granny flat is just like putting the small sheet-up in the garden. Unfortunately, it is not such a case. A granny flat is a place to live, and it requires plumbing, electricity, and possibly gas. You have to apply to the local council for approval as per the legal norms in Wollongong.

Several states in Australia have planning policies in place designed to encourage more affordable granny flats. If you are buying the house with an existing flat, it is vital to ensure the appropriate permits. It is also worthwhile having it professionally inspected, particularly if other building owners build it.

Focus on the size

There will be maximum size to have the granny flat. For instance, in Wollongong, you may not exceed more than 60 sqm, although the local council may have even greater restrictions due to lots of reasons. If you want your granny flat to be approved quickly, you can contact your local council to find any specific requirements that you have to follow. Technically, you may be able to build larger than the specified space, but it will not be considered as the granny flat.

The site requirements

Your property should have a 12m width at the building line of the existing dwelling as per the law. You should maintain a setback of the minimum 3m from the rear of the property and 0.9m from the side boundaries. The granny flat is required to maintain a distance of 3m from any existing trees. All the trees over the height of 6m are included here. The site access is also taken into account. Ideally, 1.2m to 1.5m clear access will keep the cost down.

Note the depreciation

As the secondary dwelling, the granny flat should produce an income as you will be able to claim the depreciation. Assuming there is such a case, you can claim the depreciation for the capital works. It includes the wear and tears in the structure undergoes during the entire lifetime. To have more information about it, you have to approach the accountant in Wollongong who is updated with legal norms and speak about the potential for depreciation. This is because you owe the granny flat Wollongong and it can add to your depreciation schedule even if the key dwelling is either occupied or owned.

Tax implications

If you are looking to build the granny flat to have the rented space, you will not be eligible for any of the nation’s tax deductions norms. However, income received from renting the dwelling to the third party is taxable, and deductions are available for the costs or financing the build, ongoing running cost and maintenance.

Note the allowed time

The construction time for the new granny flat is generally from 12 to 14 weeks in Wollongong. It may seem like only a few months, but you will really have to think more about the implications the building may have. If you are building it in your own backyard, you have to make a note on the day to day activities as well.

Making the granny flat private

Privacy is the crucial factor, especially if you are going to potentially rent your granny flat to the tenant. You should know how to position the granny flat to ensure the things to occupy and enhance comfort for the living. Allow a decent amount of space or consider some greenery to divide the two dwellings if you cannot install the fences. You should be aware of access to the flat. If the flat is quiet, compact and closed off, you can consider the side access gate. It will be a great option to prevent the tenants or the relatives from disrupting you for accessing throughout their own home.

Time to get started with the granny flat

The aforementioned factors are just the number of things you have to consider to create the new, innovative, unique and sustainable granny flat. There are always new developments and trends that should be employed to household living, even in any smaller living contexts. The crucial things to remember are that the granny flat is traditionally designed for lower maintenance and comfortable living. It is also paired with the components of the household design and opportunities to create something special.

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